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We offer a variety of motors which include single phase and three phase motors ranging in powers from 0.09 - 900 KW. We are stockists of Brook Crompton and hold a selection of sizes in stock at our warehouse.

Brook Crompton Motors

Brook Crompton is a leading provider of electric motors for the global industrial market. Brook Crompton motors are used in almost every industrial activity including water treatment, building services, chemical/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing. They drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors. Brook Crompton incorporates many well known names including Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Electrodrives, Newman and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors. There are extensive stocks of motors, backed-up by a network of distributors, ensuring excellent local support wherever needed.

Brook Crompton - W Aluminium Motors

Brook Crompton - W Aluminium Motors The Brook Crompton aluminium motor range covers products with outputs from 0.12kW to 37kW in frame sizes WU-DA63S to WU-DA200L. They are widely used in a diverse range of applications from food and drink to water and sewage. From heating and ventilation to refrigeration.

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Brook Crompton - Series 10 Motors

Brook Crompton - Series 10 Motors The Brook Crompton Series 10 range is a high quality standard range of electric motors with a specification suitable for most industrial applications. It covers outputs from 0.06kW up to 900kW in frame sizes 56 to 450.

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Brook Crompton - EEx d/de Flameproof Motors

Brook Crompton - EEx d/de Flameproof Motors Brook Crompton’s range of EEx d/de motors are designed, tested and manufactured in accordance with the latest Euronorm and relevant country standards. Motors are manufactured in factories that are assessed by a European notified body (eg Baseefa (2001) Ltd, PTB), meeting rigorous quality controls.

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