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Mastervolt Mass Battery Chargers

Mastervolt Mass Battery ChargersInstall Mastervolt Mass battery chargers and rest assured that your batteries are always quickly and completely charged, whether you are at home, on the road or at sea with low shore power or limited supply.

Designed for larger, more professional systems with larger battery capacities, the basic technology consists of high-frequency electronics with no heavy or noisy transformers. Thanks to the intelligent cooling concept, the Mass battery charger offers maximum performance, even in the hottest engine room. Besides the fast and complete charging of two batteries (recommended) this charger also functions as a supply unit when the input is low, automatically making up the full capacity in the 24 V circuit. Mastervolt’s 3-step+ charging method guarantees optimum efficiency, meaning your batteries will perform better and last much longer. Its direct current outlet is so clean that the battery charger itself can be used as direct power source, even without a battery.

The high-frequency switch mode technology, in which advanced microprocessors combine a myriad of functions, causes an extremely accurate charge characteristic. Furthermore, this Mass battery charger has a unique memory function which prevents the charger starting a new 3-step+ charge cycle if the supply voltage is interrupted. The model is equipped with an LED status indicator displaying the stage of the 3-step charge cycle while several remote panels are available as option for even more convenience.

Mastervolt Mass Datasheet

Switch Mode Battery Chargers

DSE Switch Mode Battery Charger

Switch Mode Battery ChargersThe DSE 10 Amp Switch Mode Battery Chargers are designed to be permanently connected to a battery, keeping it charged to maximum capacity. The chargers can be mounted to the chassis or panel using the fixing points or optional DIN rail clips.

The chargers’ stylish design includes two LED indicators on the front to show when the charger is connected to the mains/utility supply and to indicate when a fault condition occurs. The chargers do not include any moving parts to give added durability and reliability. They will also continue to operate during cranking and running. Both chargers can also accept multiple voltage connections.

DSE Battery Charger Datasheet

Victron Battery Charger

Victron Phoenix Charger

Victron Phoenix ChargerAdaptive 4-stage charge characteristic: bulk - absorption - float - storage.

Two full rated outputs and one 4 Amp output.

Universal input 90-265V, 50/60Hz.

The Phoenix charger features a microprocessor controlled adaptive battery management system that can be preset to suit different types of batteries. The adaptive feature will automatically optimise the charge process relative to the way the battery is being used.

Victron Phoenix Charger Datasheet